Saturday, 18 April 2009

Triumphant end of occupations...

Preparations for leaving, song, interviews and cleaning...

“The city council threatened that unless the sit-ins ended by Friday at 3pm they would punish the children of the entire Wyndford area on Monday morning, telling parents they could not even enter the playground, would have their kids snatched off them in the car park, stuck on buses, and dragged off to the schools the Council want to dump them in after their planned closure of Wyndford and St Gregory’s.

“This action is an abuse of the law, the actions of playground bullies, and an attempt to intimidate and above all divide the local community.

“They failed, as all cowards deserve to fail. The parents and carers in the sit-ins are responsible people. They refused to allow the Council to dictate to them, but also refused to allow the council to use their children as hostages in a dirty attempt to divide and defeat local people who want to save the schools.

!”So they are coming out at a time of the campaigners’ choosing, which leaves the Council with absolutely no excuse for barring young kids from entering the schools they are familiar with and want to return to on Monday morning.

“It is the Council which all along has sought to disrupt kids’ lives and education – not the people fighting to save the schools.

“Those who have sacrificed their family Easter to heroically do battle with a heartless Labour Council will be greeted as heroes by a crowd of campaigners and community members as they leave the buildings.

“And they have pledged to fight by all other means up to and well beyond the Council meeting on 23rd, unless the Council does the decent thing and reverses its closure plans.”

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